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  • Lemon Peach Vitamin C Immune-ade
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  • Sufficient-C High Dose Vitamin C Lemon-Peach Immune-Ade drink mix has successfully combined flavor with immune function like no other product on the market! Enjoy the (unusual) ease of getting up to 4,000 mg. per scoop of non-GMO vitamin C, plus generous doses of L-lysine, Bromelain and Teavigo patented green tea extract in a refreshing, great tasting, stevia sweetened and highly immune supportive drink mix

    Sufficient-C is easy to incorporate into your day, making it easy for you to routinely support your immune system and help with dangerous inflammation. The lemon peach flavor is truly satisfying and refreshing! Enjoy with meals, as a thirst quenching treat or just because... It is 100% water soluble so there are no particles floating around, making it aesthetically pleasing as well. Just add cool spring water, stir and you will have a convenient drink that can go anywhere and be consumed anytime. Thanks to Sufficient-C immune support is now available and craved throughout the day because who doesn’t love flavor with function in each sip? Immune support Never Tasted This Good!

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Immune Support

Vitamin C, L-lysine Hydrochloride, Bromelain, EGCG (Teavigo patented green tea extract)

Other Ingredients: natural flavoring, acacia gum, Stevia, rice hull concentrate.

Add 16 oz. of spring water to 2 scoops of drink mix. Stir well.