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  • AllerFix
  • Quantity: 60 capsules
  • 60 Capsules

Relieves symptoms of runny nose and sneezing
Congestions and headache
Itchy, watery eyes

Ingredients: allium cepa 6x,12x, ambrosia artemisiaefolia 6x, 12x, euphrasia officinalis 6x,12x,30x, sabadilla 6x,12x, sanguinaria canadensis 6x,12x, sinapsis nigra 6x,12x,30x, urtia urens 6x,12x, arsenicum album 12x,30x, histamine 12x,30x

Other Ingredients: Vitamin C, bee pollen, boswella, bromelain, butterbur, magnesium stearate, nettles herb, vitamin b5, quercitin, & vegetable capsules (cellulose, titanium dioxide)

Adults & children over the age of 6: Take two (2) capsules every 4 hours. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day, or take as directed by your doctor. For children under the age of 6 years, ask a doctor.